Samsung is an excellent story of mobile world. They are a multinational company of South Korea situated in Seoul. The company has various affiliate business and sister concern. Most of the brand is under the main business, Samsung. Presently Samsung is one of the largest company of South Korea. The journey of the Samsung was started as trading company focusing several areas like food processing, textiles, insurance and retail. However electronics industry was boosted up in the year 1960. The wave continued and in the year 1990 Samsung globalized their activity, particularly in mobile phone. Samsung use semiconductors for making popular phones. Considering present brand value, Samsung is great. Everybody knows Samsung. Customer feedback is excellent. 

Samsung has notable contribution for boosting up information technology around the world. They are creating a large force for boosting of Information technology.  Samsung have branded products on consumer electronics. They are the top in global smartphone market in the year 2016. The main success behind this is consumer feedback. Samsung has excellent R&D capability to produce excellent quality of products. Presently massive work is going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Trending of Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressive both in business and commercial world. Next step of future business is adding AI. Artificial Intelligence is a development of computer systems following  human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech finding, decision-making, and translation between languages. Human is supreme due to his analytical and decision making capability. Neurons of brains are used for decision making process. AI uses mimic technology of human neurons to compute accurately and shortest possible time. Decisions are error-less. 

Mobile innovation

Almost 18 years has passed after the innovation of Samsung mobile phone with camera. During this long time, Samsung is rocking smartphone industry and has remained at cutting edge. It’s been 18 years since Samsung introduced the world to its first mobile phone with an integrated camera. Since then, cameras have revolutionized the smartphone industry and Samsung has remained at the cutting edge. From improvements like revolving cameras that introduced a million selfies, to live on Focus mode that gives professional-looking pictures, Samsung is constantly on the set the standard for digital photography on cellular devices. The progress is continuing. 

Global giant

As a giant global leader of smartphone, Samsung has significant influence on the development of South Korea’s economy. Affiliate company of Samsung score about fifth of South Korea’s export. The innovations of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9+ that mention how you experience the world. Capable of capturing  brilliant photos in bright daylight and super low light. Excellent products are massively attracted by common people. Samsung has got more personnel than Google, Microsoft and Apple put together. Now approximated at half a million personnel and developing annually by tens of thousands. 70, 000 of people and engineers trying to build the future generation of Samsung products. Advancement has always been at the core of Samsung, driving to not just be industry leader in product sales but also product technological innovation. Innovation is the mother of success. Samsung  command various sector like cell phones, flat display screen televisions, display drivers, computer system memory space, appliances and signs. TechRadar’s list of the best flat display home theater systems is half Samsung goods. 

Success secrets 

Samsung is famous for producing products and innovation of larger technology. They do it through R&D , when they look something they like, R&D team put all heart  effort to do that. Samsung puts massive investment in development of a new product. All personals  effort, mind and soul together in a product development process creates success. Afterwords through good marketing, Samsung  forward new products around the globe and become  market leaders.

Samsung Galaxy S8